About Us

What makes our company so great is most certainly the people here who are dedicated to providing you the best experience possible.

Telstar Integrated Solutions was founded in 1970 and is family-owned and operated to this day. The company began as an elite alarm company, specializing in fire and burglar alarm systems. Years later, it expanded into a solid integration company mastering audio, video, networking systems, and home integration – making life easier for the customer.

As a smaller company, we have the ability to work one on one with our customers, to get to know them, and build a whole house system based on their lifestyle. Being there when needed is key for us and by answering questions and teaching the end-user how to master their home, we make it a point to always accommodate the needs of the end-user. Knowing you have an unlimited amount of power can be overwhelming and it is our job to minimalize any stress and turn it into excitement for your system.

By creating one main interface, we eliminate the confusion of different devices. They are now all located in the same place – your phone, tablet, computer, etc. Our main objective is to make life easier and putting your entire home into a single remote will do that for you. Whether home or on the road, customers will have access to their alarm system, lighting, HVAC, etc. – with the touch of a button. Whether it is arming your system while you’re away or turning on a few extra lights around the house, we make the word “simple” one of your favorite words to use.

Fortunately, we have relocated into a new office building that contains a spacious conference room, allowing us to show and teach our customer’s about the system ahead of time. This way, they won’t have any decisions to doubt. By letting them press buttons and use it for themselves, they can see firsthand what the system can do and what best suits their needs.

Given the ability to build onto their existing system, uncertain customers can always start small and add on later down the road. We now have an endless list of dependable wireless technology that doesn’t require any more renovations or wall-tearing-down in your home.

By meeting you in advance, showing you firsthand what we can do, developing your system, and showing you how to master it, we have successfully done our job to make your life easier.

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10 Shore Rd, Glen Cove, NY 11542